Areas of Practice


Property and Securities

Property transactions for both local and overseas clients



Commercial Development

Residential Developments

Building and Construction Finance

Commercial and residential Leases



Shareholders arrangements


Corporate re-organisations

Corporate buy outs, acquisitions and mergers

Cross Border company acquisitions and mergers

Migration of companies

Offshore corporate structures

Joint Ventures

International finance, securities and lending

Sale and purchase of shares in public companies; Take-over bid transactions and securities law


Corporate Services

Incorporation/organization of and licensing of domestic and international entities (including international business companies, societies with restricted liabilities, exempt insurance companies, and international banks)

Providing corporate secretarial services which include:

a) Acting as Corporate Secretary;

b) Attending Board of Director meetings and Annual General Meetings to record the minutes;

c) Preparation of Resolutions;

d) Ensuring compliance with statutory obligations;

e) Maintaining and updating the Corporate records and minute books;

f) Providing a registered office and a mailing address;

g) Providing a meeting room;

h) Providing file storage;

i) Acting as registered agent for service of documents;

j) Liaising with accountants, auditors and other professional advisors;

k) Providing the services of a resident director; and

l) Acting as officer and signing authority.

Establishment of overseas enterprises and in this regard,  liaising with other overseas professionals and agents to obtain the best advice and ensure the smooth running of such entities.


Commerce and Trade

Distribution and Agency agreements


Trademark and Copyright

Recording and Publishing



Confidentiality agreements

Computer software licensing and cabling contracts and licenses


Employment Advice on:

Wrongful dismissal

Contracts of employment

Breach of contract

Staff handbooks and policies

Work permit applications

Disciplinary procedures


Estates; personal injuries; debt recovery